The Child and Family Welfare Society of Pietermaritzburg 

Happy “World NGO Day” 2024

Happy “World NGO Day” 2024

The theme for “World NGO Day” 2024 is “Building a Sustainable Future.”

World NGO Day is celebrated on the 27th February each year worldwide. Over 10 million NGO’s exist and it is a day to recognise and appreciate the work and organisation around the world.

The Pietermaritzburg Child and Family Welfare Society is a local NGO whose focus is child care and child protection. Since 75% of child protection services in the country are rendered by NGO’s, government is dependant on them if they are to remain compliant in terms of both the countries national and international legal obligations.

Today, NGO’s cannot survive without the support, donations and help from the community. thank you for your continued support and for helping us help others.

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