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The Child and Family Welfare Society of Pietermaritzburg was started in 1921 by a group of white volunteers to provide support to families in distress. The need arose for similar services to be rendered to other race groups and Child Welfare Societies Emerged. In 1990, the complex and sensitive process of amalgamation was started and by April 1994 the agency emerged as a unified, coherent, non racial agency with one staff, one headquarters and one board of management.

Mission Statement

To protect and promote the interest and well being of all
children and families in our city.

Areas of Operation

The Society deals with all children under the age of 14 years living in the magisterial district of pietermaritzburg which specifically includes but is not limited to the following:

How we Operate

We are governed by a board of management. We have a staff of 50 which includes 21 social workers, the director, 4 managers and 3 community development workers. Our focus is on children who are:

Our Values


We accept responsibilty for all our actions, and are answerable to both the agency and the community.


We will help people to develop their strengths, creating opportunities for growth.


We wil ensure a confidential and honest service at all times.


We will be truthful and open with all people


We will treat everybody equally with respect, sharing views and ideas in a responsible manner.


We will do our best to serve the best interest of both our clients and the community.

Service quality

We will deliver effective and efficient services.